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From Planning to Planting we are Sharing Knowledge and Building Partnerships

E-mail sales@r-n-plantspecialists.co.uk Tel / Fax 01788 816611

Mobile 07885 139755 8am to 8pm minimum order value £150.



Welcome to our website

We have the widest choice of plants at highly competitive prices!

R & N Plant Specialists are nation-wide leading wholesale nurseries of hardy ornamental trees, shrubs and hedging plants as well as supplying bulbs, herbaceous, conifers, topiary, perennials and specimens. 

home-grown.bmp (87906 bytes)value and quality plants grown for landscape and domestic planting projects with daily deliveries throughout the UK to private clients or commercial developments.

We're confident once you've experienced the R & N Plant Specialists approach you'll find us to be more than just a wholesale nursery of BEST VALUE!

If you are reviewing this web content out of normal hours, as many of us do! We are usually around until 8pm of an evening weekdays and 4pm at weekends to answer any queries 07885 139755 minimum order values ex Delivery and Vat £150. regrettably we cannot deliver out a single tree.

Indexed Price Books are in Pdf format

Azalea & Rhododendrons Guide Price Book    

Bamboo's / Grasses Guide Price Book

Climbing Plants Guide Price Book

Conifer Guide Price Book

Containerised Roses Guide Price Book

Fruit Tree Guide Price Book

Heathers Guide Price Book

Hedging & Forestry Guide Price Book

Herbaceous / Perennial Plants Guide Price Book 

Shrubs A to Z  Guide Price Book  

Specimen Shrubs A to Z  Guide Price Book  

Trees Field Grown Guide Price Book

Trees Containerised Guide Price Book

5Lt + Herbaceous Plants subject to availability

5Lt + Grasses subject to availability

Bulk Buy Trade Specials minimum 300 Plants Price Book

fera.jpeg (2306 bytes)Defra Plant Health Passport No: UK/EW 54479

Forestry Commission FRM (GB) (Forest Reproductive Material) Registration No: SO266

At R & N we carbon offset every delivery with 5Mts of indigenous hedging planted readmore.gif (1210 bytes)

time4trees.jpeg (98304 bytes)We manage the UK`s the most innovative national planting projects of all time!

We thank you for taking the time to visit our website and trust that you find it of interest and that its content enables you to select the plants to conclude your project.

Kind Regards

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Proprietor R & N Plant Specialists

Business Partner

Hedging & Forestry UK www.hedging-forestry.co.uk

Aaron Nurseries www.aaronnurseries.co.uk

Prices and availability may vary as the seasons change

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