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From Planning to Planting we are Sharing Knowledge and Building Partnerships

E-mail sales@r-n-plantspecialists.co.uk Tel / Fax 01788 816611

Mobile 07885 139755 8am to 8pm minimum order value £150. Ex Delivery @Cost & VAT.


Welcome to this our 16th annual website catalogue produced in-house

R & N Plant Specialists  is an established wholesale retail bulk plant nursery supplying British Grown plants to clients for over two decades.

home-grown.bmp (87906 bytes)Our extensive range of British Grown plants are produced in accordance with our industries governing standards and to the registration directives of Forestry Commission FRM and Defra Plant Health Certification.

R & N`s B2B - B2C 21st Century Greener Marketing Approach is an unparalleled and progressive move away from costly advertising that we believe is largely un-quantified!! To that of planting indigenous trees for the Greater Good. For those plant buyers who register today with us we will plant 25 trees on your behalf into Essex Wildlife Trust.

Ask us to quote against your plant schedule today

Through our simple approach we win 79% of all jobs quoted for with our British grown plants distributed from Warwickshire into some of the most prestigious projects throughout the UK.

All Prices documented exclude VAT that is charged at 20% and Deliveries are charged at cost.

We grow and offer the widest choice of plants at highly competitive prices!

We deliberately steer clear of online shopping baskets

So that we can offer you the very best deals!

E-mail sales@r-n-plantspecialists.co.uk documenting the UK point of delivery


Trees B/R

Trees Potted


Hedging B/R





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Fruit Trees



Price Books

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Our main areas of supply are Private & Commercial sectors

  • Private Land Owners and Gardeners
  • Retail Nurseries
  • Landscapers - Designers - Fencing Contractors
  • Town, County and Parish Councils
  • National Parks
  • Hotels and Country Parks & Estates
  • Foresters and Tree Surgeons 
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • House Builders and Developers
  • Caravan Parks and Holiday Developments
  • Golf Courses, Fishing Lakes and Shooting Grounds

fera.jpeg (2306 bytes)Defra Plant Health Passport No: UK/EW 54479

Forestry Commission FRM (GB) (Forest Reproductive Material) Registration No: SO266

Being a modern progressive company the environmental issues are of paramount importance and we recognise the need to do more to reduce CO2 and redress Climate Change that’s in keeping with ones long term CSR goals, practicality and in balance with actual sales and expenditure.

For us we view trees as Planting for the Greater Good as trees play an instrumental part of reducing those excess carbon emissions that remain even after the lights have been turned off after a hard days work!

It is our belief that all tree planting projects have to be affordable and deliver value for money!! From a growers perspective some of the major "GREEN" planting projects being marketed today fall short as specifiers never ask enough or the right questions regarding the source – certification of the nursery stock they are planting! Year on year expect better price deals and continue to use outdated plant protection methods!!

As growers at the forefront of our industry we know that more can be done to offer you options based upon Planting for the Greater Good that evolve around commercial production and planting costs. For more information follow the Time 4 Trees link below and please work with us the Forestry Reproductive Material and Plant Health registered nurseries in keeping Britain planting a sustainable biosecurity and healthier ecosystem that we can be proud to pass on down to future generations.

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As the founders and management team of the Great British Plant Off every plant order valued over £350 that we deliver this winter customers will receive 50 FREE Native Hedge Plants complete with plant protection to plant into their local hedgerows that are in need of TLC or rejuvenation they can be planted by yourselves or with the help of local scouts guides school pupils.... In addition for orders valued £750 or more we will add a FREE Fruit Tree for a local children's school or community project....read on Planting for the Greater Good

We thank you for taking the time to visit our website and trust that you find it of interest and that its content enables you to select the plants to conclude your project.

Kind Regards

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Proprietor R & N Plant Specialists

Business Partner

Hedging & Forestry UK www.hedging-forestry.co.uk

Aaron Nurseries www.aaronnurseries.co.uk

Prices and availability may vary as the seasons change

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